Why Add a Motorized Door and Motorized step?

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Why add a Motorized door and Motorized step to your full size van?

Full size vans such as the Ford Transit, Dodge Ram ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter have seen a market surge in recent years. Why the increase in popularity? Whether you're hauling cargo or transporting passengers, full size vans come with higher capacity, lower maintenance costs, better fuel efficiency, and the potential for a wide range of unique customizations.

At Power Door & Step, we strive to find ways to make full size vans safer and easier to operate, whether for commercial or personal use. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider adding a power door and step solution to your full size van.

Motorized door basics

According to consulting firm IHS Automotive, just 10 percent of vehicles manufactured in North America come with manual transmission. Drivers of the remaining 90 percent have fewer things to think about and a less significant margin of error thanks to automatic transmission. You get those same advantages with our power door's motorized operation, which makes it safe and easy to open and close the door even at road inclinations of plus or minus 20 degrees. Although the automated, motorized functions of the power door are there to make your life easier, we understand that in some instances, there's nothing quite like manual, so with that in mind, manual operation is also available.

In terms of safety, our power door comes with two-way electronic protection and a highly sensitive pneumatic strip, plus an internal emergency handle for all vehicles and an external emergency handle for vehicles that seat at least nine passengers. What's more, the system only operates at speeds under 3.1 miles per hour, and will function at temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to its child safety sensor, the door will cease closing if it senses someone is in the way, and it can be pushed open with a light touch. What's more, if the door is still open when the vehicle begins moving, it will close automatically.  

Motorized step basics

An automated power door is a significant part of making access to a large-scale van both safer and easier, but it need to be paired with a power step for maximum effect. Our power step comes with motorized operation and automatically deploys as the door opens and closes, emerging and retracting even on extreme slopes. The fully enclosed steps feature a weatherproof, non-skid surface, can be fully submerged in water, and are designed to be fitted under a sliding door. Like the power door, the step has an operating temperature range of minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. With regard to safety, the step comes with electronic circuit protection, electronic limit protection, and overload protection.


To find out more about how to access your full size van more easily, quickly, and safely, contact Power Door & Step today by calling 888-928-8000 or emailing sales@powerdoorandstep.com.


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