AutoCool Power Sliding Door Kit

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The Power Sliding Door kit opens and closes sliding door automatically. Motorized operation makes it quick and easy to safely open and close doors, even on extreme slopes. The kit includes everything necessary to install system on vehicle. 

power door and step - motorized sliding door motorized step sprinter transit custom

Tech Specs

Technical Data

System voltage – 12VDC
Nominal current – 5A
Operating temperature range -30 °C to + 80 °C
Functioning at road inclinations of ±20°C (36%)
Tested performance – 550,000 cycles (open/close = cycle)
Driven by rustproof chain
Electronically controlled microprocessor
Remote control optional
Manual operation available

Door may be programmed for full or partial opening
Net weight: 7 kg


Highly sensitive pneumatic strip protection
Two ways safety electronic protection
Internal Emergency Handle included
External Emergency Handle (for vehicles over 9 passengers)
System operates only at speed under 5km/h

Instructional Videos

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